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 Insurance Lead Program Highlights:
Secret #1: Bullseye Behavioral Targeting
Social Media Platforms like Facebook  know nearly everything about us.  We tap into your ideal prospect's place of hiding to deliver your message.
Secret #2: Amazing Marketing Automation
We Help you get your prospects on the phone by texting and emailing them on your behalf.  All leads are delivered to your phone Real time.  None get wasted.
Secret #3: Training & Value Added Services
Our scripts, tricks, and incentive secrets are designed to help you sell.  New lines of insurance and lead programs released constantly.
Behind The Curtain  with RepSocial
We are using Smart Technology and Big Data to get you the least expensive and highest targeted leads available today.  Our Customized CRM and Automation Platform allows every lead to be accounted for and never lost.  Leads are all placed in a phone app for you to easily work.  Every lead is placed in a drip sequence of both text and email messaging.  Leads are valuable, most do not get sold right away.  With Rep Social, your leads live in an infinite sales funnel.  It is never no, it is just not yet with our platform.
What People Are Saying:
If you are in a building mode, then Rep Social can help.  I have a team of agents that need to stay around long enough to see the dream.  Scott & Rep Social helped me put together a  lead program for my whole team!
- Chris Tompkins, PA
Independent Agent
I was at a very low point in my career.  Rates went up, my leads dried up, and I was really stressed.  Rep Social helped me come up with a plan of attack, figuring out my ideal prospect, and helping me get in front of them. 
- Brad Somerset, FL
Mortgage Broker
They like to say they make it rain.  They actually do.  At first, I was overwhelmed because i truly did not expect them to do it like they said they would and I was caught off guard.  But the automation helps, and I am very pleased with the leads so far.  I recommend them! 
- Denise Copeland, FL
Keller Williams
- Scott Zipp, TX
Wealthwave Life Insurance
- John Intelisano
Homesource Financial
We Are In Social Proof Mode and Looking To Over Deliver.  Want In?
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We really understand your needs and struggles.  They are Real.  Let's see if we can help...
Some More Reasons You Should Give Us A Try
Agents usually get leads initiated from Google in some way.  Those leads come with usually 7 other agents fighting to quote a prospect.  We use Social Media and Big Data, creating the intent, giving you an exclusive lead.
And let's face it, you will not reach and sell the bulk of your leads no matter how great the leads are.  So with Rep Social, all your highly targeted leads live forever in a sales funnel constantly being texted and emailed on your behalf.  We help you reach them!
 We have sales and closing ideas, weekly training, incentive tricks, and more.  Our Incentive marketing ideas are like pouring gasoline on your marketing and referral gathering.  We want you to succeed.  This breeds a long term mutually beneficial relationship!
The Stats Don't Lie.  Most Will Fail.
The Life Insurance Industry is one of the richest on the planet.  The bulk of it's agents fail.  Something really stinks with that math.  Referrals are NOT the only way to go, trust us.  We can help you greatly increase your leads and sales pipeline.  For newer agents, we can provide a host of other value added services as well.   Set up a Web Meeting and let's see if we are a good fit.  Some of us are agents and we know what you deal with.
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